If you’re a compulsive spender looking for inspiration and support,
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This is the website for the podcast series “I Can’t Stop Spending!” I’m Susan B., a recovering compulsive spender. I created this 54 episode series about recovery from compulsive spending, shopping, and debting. In it, I share my experience, strength, and hope around this devastating addiction along with a few interviews. That’s over 21 hours of inspiration and hope!

I’ve received email from listeners who found the series helpful and comforting. They said it feels like a friend talking to them and they often hear their own experience in my own. Many have told me they re-listen to episodes, expressing gratitude to finally hear someone share about the deeply painful feelings they experience. (Plus, there are a few really helpful interviews.)

Unfortunately, I’m no longer recording new podcast episodes. In fact, you may have received an error if you came here from a link because the episodes are no longer available on the website.

But You Can Still Get the Podcast AND the Show Notes!

As of today, you can still listen for free on Stitcher. But I wanted to continue to make the series available even if it’s no longer online in the future. So I created a package for you to download all 54 episodes to listen offline. PLUS, you can download the 132 page PDF that contains all the links and show notes from each episode as our FREE gift even if you don’t order the podcast! (There are lots of valuable links contained in the PDF.)

Here is what you receive when you buy the audio files:

  • 54 Episodes of the “I Can’t Stop Spending!” podcast as mp3 files
  • One prequel episode as an mp3 file
  • Two guided meditation mp3 files

That’s over 21 hours of experience, strength, and hope to listen whenever you want! Click here to check out the list of podcast episodes.

This podcast series is not a substitute for a program of recovery, but it can provide a source of comfort and help you feel less alone, plus offer suggestions on how to navigate life while dealing with the challenges of being a compulsive spender.


The price for the podcast series is $7.

Before you decide to purchase the download, you can listen to episodes #9 and #46 PLUS download a 132 page PDF file with all the show notes (including links, images, and a handful of transcripts).

Click here to learn more or to order.


Because this is a digital product, please note that there are no refunds. I encourage you to listen to episodes #9 and #46, which are free to preview, to determine if you will benefit from the podcast series.


Even if you decide not to purchase the podcasts, don’t forget to download the show notes PDF. It contains a lot of valuable information. And I just want to wish you all the best on your journey to recovery from compulsive spending.


I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at fearlessbudgeting (at) gmail (dot) com.


Susan B.

I’m Susan B., a recovering compulsive spender. My expertise lies in working one-on-one with other compulsive spenders to overcome the fear of looking at their numbers, walking them through creating the foundation for their spending plan, and providing technical training to teach them how to work with their spending plan and use budgeting software.

I’ve created a podcast about recovery from compulsive spending, where I share my experience, strength, and hope to help you on your journey. Now, I’ve also created a complete online training program that contains everything I teach in my one-on-one training.

If you want help creating or maintaining a spending plan, this training program is for you. Even if you already have a spending plan, or are an existing YNAB user, the training will be a helpful refresher and will likely provide you a with new perspectives and tips. The Fearless Budgeting Training Program includes the exact same process I’ve successfully used with my one-on-one students since 2010.

Here is the list of episodes

Episode 000: Prequel (Not Quite Episode 1)
Length: 08:06

Episode 001: Being Myself, a Talk about Religion, & Spending Plans
Length: 31:22

Episode 002: How Not Spending $3.03 is a Spiritual Practice and More on Spending Plans
Length: 28:47

Episode 003: Cash Accounting, Why I Disagree with Dave Ramsey, & Inspirational Reading
Length: 36:48

Episode 004: Libraries, Finding a Higher Power, Using the Spending Plan, & April 26th Reading
Length: 35:21

Episode 005: Tips, Why Don’t Schools Teach Kids Financial Responsibility, Recovery is NOT Magic, & May 1 from Daily Reader
Length: 41:08

Episode 006: About Mother’s Day, Two Helpful Reminders, What Kind of Debt do We Avoid, & May 9th Reading
Length: 22.30

Episode 007: A Cautionary Tale, Spouse Uses Credit Cards, & May 15th Reading from Daily Reader
Length: 22:18

Episode 008: Reconciling Redux, Acceptance is the Answer, & May 18th Reading from Daily Reader
Length: 21:15

Episode 009: KonMari Tidying Up Caused a Brawl & 6/4 Reading -“Visions Cost Money to Fulfill”
Length: 37:34

Episode 010: Short Episode – Spending Plan Components, KonMari Papers Done, & 6/7 Reading, “Persistence, Not Perfection”
Length: 14:54

Episode 011: Being Pressured to Spend on Your Dreams, Four Tips to Prevent it, & 6/17 Reading: Preference and Desire
Length: 26:31

Episode 012: KonMari’d Art Supplies! Yippee! & 6/24th Reading: “Just Say No”
Length: 31:13

Episode 013: Getting Interest on Your Money, Reducing Debt Interest, Debt Consolidation, & July 9th Reading: Fearing the Truth
Length: 21:33

Episode 014: Recovery vs. Budget Mentality & July 10th Reading: The Spending Plan’s Potential
Length: 28:33

Episode 015: First Guest Next Week, Painful Art of Decision Making, Why Stuff Doesn’t Make Me Happy, & July 23rd Reading: Financial Choices
Length: 33:23

Episode 016: Interview with Lauren Greutman & July 29th Reading: Fear of Creditors
Length: 54:55

Episode 017: Post Interview Thoughts, Lending Money, Painful (Inconvenient) Honesty, Online Group, & Reading 7/31: “Sisterly/Brotherly Love”
Length: 38:37

Episode 018: Buying What You Can’t Afford & Reading 8/7: “Obsession’s Fallout”
Length: 14:40

Episode 019: The “Secret” Formula & Reading August 19th: “Boredom”
Length: 42:18

Episode 020: Conversation with Terry Shulman on Clutter, Accumulating, & Compulsive Spending & August 18th Reading: “More”
Length: 51:30

Episode 021: “Don’t Think Twice” movie shows the truth about fame from both sides & Reading: June 23rd “What Does Fame Feel Like?”
Length: 25:25

Episode 022: A Talk about Tithing & Daily Reader: 9/5 “Opening the Envelope”
Length: 37:07

Episode 023: The Wells Fargo Bank Fraud & Reading: 9/12 “Humility with Numbers”
Length: 24:17

Episode 024: Now I’ve Heard Everything – iBag2 & Reading: 9/21 “Rewards”
Length: 18:49

Episode 025: Creating Your Personal Recovery Guidelines, New Compulsive Spending Community, & Inspiration: September 25th: Temptation
Length: 15:58

Episode 026: Interview with Katie Bossler from GreenPath & Inspiration 10/6: “Magical Thinking”
Length: 42:31

Episode 027: Tips to Prevent Compulsive Spending Part 1 & Inspirational Reading 10/9: “The Best”
Length: 12:49

Episode 028: Tips to Prevent Compulsive Spending Part 2 & Inspirational Reading: 10/16 “When Things Go Wrong”
Length: 18:01

Episode 029: Tips to Prevent Compulsive Spending Part 3 & Inspirational Reading: 10/26 “Window Shopping”
Length: 22:13

Episode 030: The Ultimate Ahhhh & Inspirational Reading: 10/31 “Perseverence”
Length: 18:49

Episode 031: Decluttering Prevents Compulsive Spending, Debbie Roes Reviews Her Spending, & Inspirational Reading: 11/10 “Clutter”
Length: 15:02

Episode 032: Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe From Ads & Inspirational Reading 11/15 “A Prayer for Hope”
Length: 15:33

Episode 033: Tips from a Trip on a Ship & Inspirational Reading 11/21: “The Power of No”
Length: 25:18

Episode 034: Pay it Fast or Pay it Slow? & Inspirational Reading 11/28: Fit Spiritual Condition
Length: 19:01

Episode 035: Interview with Debbie Roes and Inspirational Reading 12/5 “Credit Cards”
Length: 41:28

Episode 036: Gift Giving Guilt & Inspirational Reading 12/15 “Holiday Gift Pressure”
Length: 08:44

Episode 037: A Perfect Day for Recovery & Inspirational Reading 12/24 “Breaking the Cycle”
Length: 10:45

Episode 038: Paradoxical Reactions, Preparing for Next Year, & Inspirational Reading 12/25 “Benevolence”
Length: 19:46

Episode 039: Year Themes, Try These Tips Today, & Inspirational Reading 1/1 “Resolutions”
Length: 10:44

Episode 040: Money Diet vs. Spending Moratorium & Inspirational Reading 1/10 “Pain vs. Misery”
Length: 14:06

Episode 041: Being a Militant Realist and Inspirational Reading 1/21 “Willingness”
Length: 19:48

Episode 042: Getting Off the Seesaw & Inspirational Reading 1/22 “A Lifeline”
Length: 12:56

Episode 043: Losing Your Balance & Inspirational reading 1/29 “It’s Physical”
Length: 15:04

Episode 044: Feeling Your Feelings & Inspirational Reading 2/10 “Staying the Course”
Length: 17:29

Episode 45: Five Reasons to Ignore Valentine’s Day & Inspirational Reading 2/14 “Valentine’s Day: A Plea for Sanity”
Length: 11:20

Episode 046: Resisting that Irresistible Urge to Spend & Inspirational Reading 2/21 “Cost vs. Price”
Length: 11:27

Episode 047: Letting Go
Length: 15:52

Episode 048: Letter to a Suffering Friend, Spending Plan Training, the Future, & Inspirational Reading 5/27 “The Enemy of Creativity”
Length: 15:51

Episode 049: Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill & Inspirational Reading 12/14 “Avoiding Pain”
Length: 20:50

Episode 050: Bankruptcy: Panacea or Placebo? & Inspirational Reading September 24th “Time”
Length: 15:03

Episode 051: A Reminder that Money Doesn’t Buy Love & Inspirational Reading “I am Not My Money”
Length: 18:51

Episode 052: Thanksgiving Gratitude Acrostic, Ignore “Black Friday,” the Day for Amateurs, & Inspirational Reading “A New Way to Live”
Length: 11:46

Episode 053: The Birth of Fearless Budgeting & Inspirational Reading “Gift Giving”
Length: 18:15

Episode 054: Fearless Budgeting is Live, Upcoming Q&A Session with Me, Future of the Podcast, and Four Readings from the Getting Out from Going Under Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders
Length: 11:02


Guided Breath Meditation Length: 14:00

Guided Word Meditation length: 13:59

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