7 thoughts on “ICSS 002 – How Not Spending $3.03 is a Spiritual Practice and More on Spending Plans

  1. I’m so glad I found your podcast, Susan.
    Books and art supplies are my weakness, too. I have binge-shopped on $1000+ worth of books at once quite a few times, and my art supplies cupboard is overflowing.

    • Hi Heather, thanks so much for writing. I really appreciate hearing from you because it reminds me that I am not alone in this! Doing the Marie Kondo decluttering really helped me release a lot of the art supply and book overflow. I’m stuck at this point, but am so glad I got that far. It has made a big difference in feeling like the walls are closing in.

      Have you thought about decluttering? For me, the key was to do that without replacing it all with more stuff!

      Thanks again for taking the time to write,

  2. Susan,

    I cannot thank you -ever- enough for what you are doing to now help those of us still suffering in addiction. I just tonight started listening to your podcasts beginning with .5 at the recommendation of my counselor. I think she didn’t know what In the world she would do with me! It’s very emotional tonight hearing you. But as I feel like collapsing on the floor in a pool of tears it’s really because I have NEVER EVER heard anyone say the very things you have said, the very same things, feelings, everything, that I go through in this horrible state of overspending addiction. So I was so happy to see I could communicate this to you. I now know I’m not just crazy, but that there are others like me, and real support to help me. I feel like running away from it – seems so scary to face. And like exhausting hard work. But I’m so tired where I’m at. Just so tired. I thank you for being brave and sharing your story and ongoing healing and struggles. I just want to keep listening as it’s so comforting. And I feel like your great at this!! Thank you Susan B.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write. It’s also incredibly healing to me to know I’m not the only one as well. There is recovery for you. You aren’t alone.

      I wish you all the best,

  3. Another fantastic podcast! I’m back with ynab after having failed at it many times in the past (my lack of discipline – not ynab caused this) so hearing you discuss it from a seasoned user’s point of view is extremely helpful.

    Currently, I’m checking my balance and reconciling transactions every day – just to keep myself totally accountable. Hopefully, I can work up to weekly at some stage in the future 😀

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