012: KonMari’d Art Supplies! Yippee! & 6/24th Reading: “Just Say No”

In this Episode:

00:00 Well, first of all, I give you an update on my voice. 🙂

01:32 I explain why there will be no episode next week.

02:15 KonMari Update on Art Supplies and Stationery
It’s done! See the pictures below. I talk about the articles and videos that got me moving after days of feeling paralyzed. And I talk about how relevant this process is for compulsive spenders!

05:00 Talk and play a bit of the audio from Origami Twist’s great video on decluttering art supplies(see video embedded below)

20:40 Talk about great article on the website RootSimple.com

Both the video and article will help you overcome your reluctance to part with your excess arts, crafts, or other DIY supplies.

28:20 Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders:
June 24th: Just Say No

31:15 Request for Feedback
I’d love to hear from you. Please share your comments, questions, and suggestions. You can leave a voice message if you have a microphone (see the link on the right side of each page and on the Contact page), email me from the Contact page, or leave a comment below.


Art Supplies and Stationery BEFORE

In case you forgot, here are just some of the places that had art supplies shoved into them:

Here is my office while I was going through the art supplies and stationery items. No captions are necessary, don’t you agree? There was so much more mess, but I think you get the idea:

Art Supplies and Stationery AFTER

The first picture shows the three boxes of art supplies I’m sending to friends in recovery. The others are what is left of my art supplies and stationery (other than some pens, pencils, and scissors I put in the kitchen). Full disclosure, I also gave my husband a bunch of stuff and it’s not my problem if he keeps it in his office.

Can you believe this is my stuff now! I’m sort of astonished.

I loved what I did here. I drew this picture a few years ago. Then, I traced it onto material to create an embroidery. Well, as you can see, I never got very far. But I couldn’t throw it away. I kind of love it as a piece of art just as it is. (Click to enlarge each picture.)

Links to Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

De-Cluttering for DIYers, Homesteaders, Artists, Preppers, etc.
A must read article for compulsive spenders from RootSimple.com.

Next, this is just one of “Origami Twist’s” great videos on decluttering (She has more in her Craft Room Organization playlist). They were extremely helpful to me.

Watch 4:30 (Step 3) as she uses a great visual to demonstrate how objects can “expire.” And, of course, at 15:01, she really gets to the crux of why many of us won’t part with stuff that we no longer want or need.

Here are her timestamps:

1:12 – Step 1: Do I need to Purge?
2:41 – Step 2: Your Vision. Create a map.
4:30 – Step 3: The Hard Part. (Has its purpose been fulfilled? Has this item expired for me?

Addressing the “Yeah, Buts”:
10:21 – But, it’s part of my collection…
12:14 – But, I might need it someday…
13:35 – But, I want all of the colors, etc., so I can keep my options open…
15:01 – But, it cost me money and I don’t want to waste it…

Music Attribution

“Life of Riley” (Intro and Outro), “Carpe Diem,” “Eternity,” “Local Forecast,” “Thief in the Night,” and “Local Forecast”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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