014: Recovery vs. Budget Mentality & July 10th Reading: The Spending Plan’s Potential

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In this Episode:

punished201:38 The Difference between a Recovery vs. a Budget Mentality

Somehow when I hear the money gurus talking about getting out of debt and living within your means, I always feel like it’s a punishment. This episode takes a look at the differences between recovery from compulsive spending and the traditional advice around “budgeting.”

Here are some of the highlights:

10:31 Do we really have to feel that we are being punished?
In this section, I show how the 12 step approach doesn’t make us feel ashamed and punished as opposed to just being told that we need to just exert self-control and deprive ourselves until we fix the problem.

14:25 The difference between budgets and spending plans
We have a responsibility to our creditors, but we also have a responsibility to live our lives. Our creditors are not our Higher Power. We deserve to have a balanced spending plan that addresses our needs, wants, and debts (if any).

15:05 Where I talk about the miracles that occur in recovery

  • We don’t need to be punished … we need to be healed.
  • The financial gurus don’t talk about healing. It’s not just about getting right with your money, but about getting right with others and with yourself.
  • All the tips and hints about how to manage and save your money won’t stick until you deal with the core issues.

17:36 Withdrawal and pain in recovery

  • There is pain in coming out of vagueness, but facing reality is where recovery begins.
  • The truth shall set you free!
  • It’s not that you can’t get anything you want … it’s that you can’t get everything you want.
  • Learning to live with the pain of living within our means is one of the best tools of recovery. It’s all about choices.
  • We learn to appreciate what we have instead of just yearning for what we don’t.

20:27 In recovery, we can choose to see the pain differently

We have support all around us to help us shift our perspective. We learn that pain is what we walk through, but misery is what we sit in (I heard this somewhere, but can’t remember where!).

26:16 Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders:
July 10th: The Spending Plan’s Potential

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