029: Tips to Prevent Compulsive Spending Part 3 & Inspirational Reading: 10/26 “Window Shopping

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00:00 More Tips to Prevent Compulsive Spending – Part 3
Today’s tips have to do with fending off the demons at your favorite stores. As I wrote last week:

I’m continuing to give you more ideas to keep you from starting that compulsive spending cycle. We want to cut it off at the beginning – for a food addict, it’s the first bite, for an alcoholic, the first drink, for us, it’s the first purchase. We want stop whatever leads us to the cascade of destructive behavior that, in the end, triggers a compulsive spending binge.

These danger zones can include buying out of fear, panic, and guilt as well as desire. So this is where we can begin to change, by prevention. Remember, you won’t have a compulsive spending binge if you don’t make the first purchase.

20:07 Inspiration from the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: October 26th: “Window Shopping”

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Episode 025: Creating Your Personal Recovery Guidelines

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I can help you overcome the fear of looking at your numbers, create the foundation for your spending plan, and provide one-on-one technical help to teach you how to use your spending plan software. Click the link above to read more.

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One thought on “029: Tips to Prevent Compulsive Spending Part 3 & Inspirational Reading: 10/26 “Window Shopping

  1. Wow. This episode came along at the perfect time. I’d recently on a whim (“Huh. My credit score has come up so much! I wonder if I could qualify for a credit card now………?”) applied for an airline credit card. Was totally seduced by the promise of miles & trips to foreign place & all the points & glamour & blah blah blah. By the time the card arrived, I’d cooled off a little bit. I paid off & got rid of all my credit cards several years ago. And had become increasingly angry with the banks after reading about all their shady lending practices.
    So by the time this one arrived in the mail, I didn’t want it. And just reading over the terms & conditions & interest rate page….I really got pissed at myself.
    I couldn’t really figure out what to do to close it, though. I felt embarrassed. Your podcast — and particularly the idea to bookend it — has given me resolve & i’m going to take care of it tonight when i get home.
    Thanks for doing what you do. Your experience strength & hope are really encouraging.

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