031: Decluttering Prevents Compulsive Spending, Debbie Roes Reviews Her Spending, & Inspirational Reading: 11/10 “Clutter”

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Note: I mispronounced Debbie Roes last name. It’s pronounced “Roos,” and I discovered this when I interviewed her in episode 35. My apologies, Debbie!

00:00 Decluttering Prevents Compulsive Spending
I talk about how clutter can lead us to overspending and compulsive/impulsive spending.

takealookat-107:30 Debbie Roes Reviews Her Spending
The RecoveringShopaholic.com is a great website for those who want help specifically in the area of wardrobe and accessories. I talk about her recent article, “A Year Later: August – October 2015 Purchase Review,” in which she goes into exquisite detail about what she’s bought over the past year and lessons learned.

I’m going to begin doing this as well including other discretionary areas along with clothing. This practice is a great one for any compulsive spender who wants to gain clarity about purchasing choices.

Please note that there are images in her article, which may be triggering for some compulsive spenders. But, gratefully, she has no links to buy anything. I know Debbie and her heart is in the right place. She is sincerely trying to help her audience curb their compulsive shopping.

But be prepared to be a little breathless (as I was) for a moment or two at the sheer number of lovely items. Try to remember that this is an exercise in gaining clarity.

16:46 Inspiration from the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: November 10th: “Clutter”

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

Debbie Roes article, “A Year Later: August – October 2015 Purchase Review,” from RecoveringShopaholic.com

Marie Kondo and the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

Episode 009: Beginning My KonMari Journey
Episode 012: KonMari’ing Art Supplies

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“Life of Riley” (Intro and Outro), “Carpe Diem,” “Sweeter Vermouth,” and “The Show Must Be Go” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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