023: The Wells Fargo Bank Fraud & Reading: 9/12 “Humility with Numbers”

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clarity100:00 The Wells Fargo Bank Fraud is Relevant to All Compulsive Spenders

I talk about this awful situation and why you MUST reconcile your bank account with your spending plan! And even if you don’t have a spending plan, why the least you need to do is check your accounts weekly. Plus, why I now advocate that you should ALWAYS open up mail from banks or credit card companies EVEN if it just looks like advertising or you are afraid it is a collection notice. (But if it’s an ad for a credit card – “recoil as from a hot flame” and shred it or burn it immediately! 🙂 )

21:47 Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: September 12th: “Humility with Numbers”

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