020: Conversation with Terry Shulman on Clutter, Accumulating, & Compulsive Spending & August 18th Reading: “More”

In this Episode:

Note: This podcast is close to an hour, so it’s longer than usual! But I promise you, it is worth listening to if you struggle with too much stuff and can’t bring yourself to let it go!

I’m very excited about today’s podcast. It came about because I was asked to talk about clutter, hoarding, and accumulating as it relates to compulsive spending. It seems like this topic has appeared all around me lately! It then became clear that the attachment to stuff and the extreme discomfort around letting it go was as much an addiction as the acquiring for some of us.

After doing some research, it struck me that there is no need to reinvent the wheel when I can speak to the expert on the nexus of these challenges! So I invited Terry Shulman, Founder/Director of The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft, Spending & Hoarding to talk with me. He is a compelling advocate for sanity around “stuff,” and his passion and knowledge made for a fascinating discussion.

While I put in a few time-stamps below to give you a sense of what we discussed, I urge you to listen to the whole conversation, as it is full of insights, connections, and helpful suggestions.
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018: Buying What You Can’t Afford & Reading 8/7: “Obsession’s Fallout”

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afford00:00 Buying What You Can’t Afford
My husband and I watched the fabulous 2015 movie The Big Short (again) last night. This led to thinking about buying what we can’t afford. [This movie was based on the book, published in 2010.]

11:53 Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders:
August 7th: Obsession’s Fallout

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017: Post Interview Thoughts, Lending Money, Painful (Inconvenient) Honesty, Online Group, & Reading 7/31: “Sisterly/Brotherly Love”

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00:00 The Podcast is Now on YouTube
Just to let you know, I’m starting to post some episodes on YouTube. What’s cool about it is that if you click on the time stamp, you can go right to that section. Still just the audio, but this way, if you get bored, you can just move right on to the next section! Click here to go to my YouTube channel.

02:42 Thoughts about my conversation with Lauren Greutman

Feedback from a listener shifted my perspective!

25:26 Lending Money
Thoughts on lending money when you are a compulsive spender, underearner, and/or debtor.

29:38 Painful (Inconvenient) Honesty
A story about my bottom line.
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016: Interview with Lauren Greutman & July 29th Reading: Fear of Creditors

In this Episode:

[Note: This podcast is longer than usual, nearly an hour.]

00:00 Introduction to the Interview
Where I introduce my guest, Lauren Greutman, author of the upcoming book, “The Recovering Spender.” I talk about my trepidation regarding the interview, and explain why I decided to proceed.
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014: Recovery vs. Budget Mentality & July 10th Reading: The Spending Plan’s Potential

Request for Feedback
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In this Episode:

punished201:38 The Difference between a Recovery vs. a Budget Mentality
Somehow when I hear the money gurus talking about getting out of debt and living within your means, I always feel like it’s a punishment. This episode takes a look at the differences between recovery from compulsive spending and the traditional advice around “budgeting.”

Here are some of the highlights:

10:31 Do we really have to feel that we are being punished?
In this section, I show how the 12 step approach doesn’t make us feel ashamed and punished as opposed to just being told that we need to just exert self-control and deprive ourselves until we fix the problem.
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013: Getting Interest on Your Money, Reducing Debt Interest, Debt Consolidation, & July 9th Reading: Fearing the Truth

In this Episode:

00:00 Brief update on my voice and my trip

03:55 Getting Interest in Your (Tiny) Checking Account
Here is a way to get interest in your checking account! Really!
* No fees
* No minimums
* Just do a certain number of transactions per month (varies per bank)
* One direct deposit (could be a transfer from another account)

And you get interest on the first of the next month! Here’s how:
(This information is accurate as of July 3, 2016)
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012: KonMari’d Art Supplies! Yippee! & 6/24th Reading: “Just Say No”

In this Episode:

00:00 Well, first of all, I give you an update on my voice. 🙂

01:32 I explain why there will be no episode next week.

02:15 KonMari Update on Art Supplies and Stationery
It’s done! See the pictures below. I talk about the articles and videos that got me moving after days of feeling paralyzed. And I talk about how relevant this process is for compulsive spenders!
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011: Being Pressured to Spend on Your Dreams, Four Tips to Prevent it, & 6/17 Reading: Preference and Desire

In this Episode

I have so much to share with you about my continuing KonMari decluttering journey – but just ran out of time to prepare the podcast for this week. I have some great resources that will really help compulsive spenders get willing to let go of old stuff and shift their perspective about bringing more stuff in.

2:54 Being Taken in When You Want to Believe

IfitlookstooI read and react to this excerpt from a get rich quick school’s playbook, sharing three examples in my own life of how I have allowed myself to be taken in (and taking responsibility for my part in it).

This is the script the sales rep is to follow when the potential student says they don’t like using credit cards and going into debt OR they just paid their credit cards off:
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006: About Mother’s Day, Two Helpful Reminders, What Kind of Debt do We Avoid, & May 9th Reading

In This Episode:


00:00 Segment: A tiny talk about Mother’s Day

02:22 Segment: Good to Know
I talk about two helpful reminders about recovery from compulsive debting that someone shared with me.

13:10 Segment: What Kind of Debt do We Avoid?
Unsecured vs secured debt and some comments about payment arrangements. Plus, my opinion on medical debt, about which there is some controversy.

22:32 Segment: Daily Reader for Compulsive Spenders and Debtors
Today, I read the May 9th entry, entitled, “Customer Service.”