024: Now I’ve Heard Everything – iBag2 & Reading: 9/21 “Rewards”

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Finder.com iBag2 - Horrifying, isn't she? Wait until you find out what she does and how much she costs!

Finder.com iBag2 – Horrifying, isn’t she? Wait until you find out what she does and how much she costs!

00:00 Now I’ve Heard Everything – iBag2
A rant about a new purse designed to prevent impulse spending. You won’t believe this contraption! Wait ’til you hear how much it costs! And LOOK, LOOK at the bag – doesn’t it look like she is smirking at us?!

08:53 Where I talk about why it just won’t work.

14:09 Where I tell the developers of this product how it should really work.

Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: September 21st: “Rewards”

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023: The Wells Fargo Bank Fraud & Reading: 9/12 “Humility with Numbers”

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clarity100:00 The Wells Fargo Bank Fraud is Relevant to All Compulsive Spenders

I talk about this awful situation and why you MUST reconcile your bank account with your spending plan! And even if you don’t have a spending plan, why the least you need to do is check your accounts weekly. Plus, why I now advocate that you should ALWAYS open up mail from banks or credit card companies EVEN if it just looks like advertising or you are afraid it is a collection notice. (But if it’s an ad for a credit card – “recoil as from a hot flame” and shred it or burn it immediately! 🙂 )

21:47 Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: September 12th: “Humility with Numbers”

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019: The “Secret” Formula & Reading August 19th: “Boredom”

In this Episode:

00:00 The “Secret Formula” for Creating a Foundation for Your Spending Plan
I give you the step-by-step secret 🙂 formula that will enable you to experience the same relief “Rita” did (see picture, above). If you follow these steps, you will move out of paralysis and fear around the spending plan process … and you will have a foundational document that can form the basis of your spending plan.

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017: Post Interview Thoughts, Lending Money, Painful (Inconvenient) Honesty, Online Group, & Reading 7/31: “Sisterly/Brotherly Love”

In this Episode:

00:00 The Podcast is Now on YouTube
Just to let you know, I’m starting to post some episodes on YouTube. What’s cool about it is that if you click on the time stamp, you can go right to that section. Still just the audio, but this way, if you get bored, you can just move right on to the next section! Click here to go to my YouTube channel.

02:42 Thoughts about my conversation with Lauren Greutman

Feedback from a listener shifted my perspective!

25:26 Lending Money
Thoughts on lending money when you are a compulsive spender, underearner, and/or debtor.

29:38 Painful (Inconvenient) Honesty
A story about my bottom line.
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014: Recovery vs. Budget Mentality & July 10th Reading: The Spending Plan’s Potential

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In this Episode:

punished201:38 The Difference between a Recovery vs. a Budget Mentality

Somehow when I hear the money gurus talking about getting out of debt and living within your means, I always feel like it’s a punishment. This episode takes a look at the differences between recovery from compulsive spending and the traditional advice around “budgeting.”

Here are some of the highlights:

10:31 Do we really have to feel that we are being punished?
In this section, I show how the 12 step approach doesn’t make us feel ashamed and punished as opposed to just being told that we need to just exert self-control and deprive ourselves until we fix the problem.
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005: Tips, Why Don’t Schools Teach Kids Financial Responsibility, Recovery is NOT Magic, & May 1 from Daily Reader

In this episode:

00:00 Five practical tips to help compulsive spenders
In tip 5, I read a quote from page 101-102 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, adjusting it to reflect the world of compulsive spenders. (from Chapter 7: Working with Others)

19:50 They Just Don’t Get It!

Why don’t schools teach basic financial responsibility skills? My take on what they should teach and what parents can do to help in the meantime.

Recoveryismagicalbut30:05 Finding a Higher Power
I read a quote from page 15 from the book, “The Higher Power of the Twelve-Step Program” by Glenn F. Chesnut, and talk about the danger of visions.

39:02 Daily Reader for Compulsive Spenders and Debtors
Today, I read the May 1st entry, entitled, “First of the Month Frenzy”

ICSS 001 – Being Myself, a Talk about Religion, & Spending Plans

This is it! My official Episode One! Actually recorded it twice and scrapped the first version as being way too long-winded and winding down a long and boring trail.

In this episode: (time markers are approximate)

00:00 I remove the veil and become more transparent, despite trepidation. Also discuss more about my own recovery journey and how much debt I’ve repaid.

7:29 I, uh, talk about religion. Yep. It’s the elephant in the room when it comes to 12 Step recovery programs.

10:18 I sum up what I am and what I am not in explaining my purpose for this podcast.

11:00 FINALLY, I get to start talking about a subject near and dear to my heart: spending plans. But I only get to the first two key components. I talk a lot about why it’s not just enough to track spending and why a spending plan is an essential tool for recovery from compulsive spending.

26:30 I talk briefly about the spending plan software I use (YNAB) and mention a few other options for tracking your spending.

Note: Somewhere in the podcast, I mention my old blog: Getting Out from Going Under. The blog contains hundreds of posts about working a recovery program with lots of step-by-step instructions. (I will put any new posts on this website, but that site will remain as an archive containing lots of helpful material for those in recovery.)

ICSS 000 – Prequel (Not Quite Episode 1)

This is really episode .5 – a prequel to the show. In this eight minute prequel:

1. I briefly tell you about the fantastic teacher who is training me to become a podcaster.
2. Give you a bit of background about myself.
3. Let you know what the podcast is … and is not … about.
4. Stumble around a bit getting my bearings.

I’m very excited to be embarking on this journey and look forward to spending time with you each week. Maybe not next week, but soon, I hope to be producing a weekly podcast.

I’d love to hear from you. There are two ways you can communicate with me:

1. If you have a microphone, click on the Send Voicemail button on the right side of every page.
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