026: Interview with Katie Bossler from GreenPath & Inspiration 10/6: “Magical Thinking”

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00:00 Our Anniversary & a Plug for Our New Community
Just a short celebration of our six month anniversary and our 26th podcast episode! Wow! It’s gone by so quickly.

[Note: I mention a compulsive spending community in the podcast. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out.]

02:09 Introduction to the Interview

greenpathimage04:33 Interview with Katie Bossler from GreenPath Financial Wellness
Katie Bossler is a Personal Finance Counselor at GreenPath Financial Wellness.

I wanted to interview someone from this company, in particular, because they are a company I trust. I know three people who were helped by GreenPath and got out of debt. In addition, I, myself, had two sessions with them, but by that point, I had already gotten the best deal I could on my own, so they weren’t able to do anything more. However, I was very impressed with them.

But this is NOT just an interview. It’s really a 40 minute seminar that will give you an exceptionally detailed understanding about the different ways debt can be paid off. I learned a lot from this interview – in particular, the difference between a debt management, debt consolidation, and debt settlement program.

Plus, GreenPath has many other services to help compulsive spenders who may not have debt, and Katie explains those services as well (such as mortgage concerns, improving credit score, home buyer counseling, reverse mortgage counseling).

GreenPath is a non-profit organization. Here is the Consumer Affairs website where they have an overall five star satisfaction rating.

39:51 Inspiration from the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: October 6th: “Magical Thinking”

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