035: Interview with Debbie Roes and Inspirational Reading 12/5 “Credit Cards”

In this Episode

changestartswithtaking00:48 Introduction to Debbie Roes, who is the founder of RecoveringShopaholic.com.

02:55 When and why Debbie created her blog.
RecoveringShopaholic.com deals specifically with compulsive spending around your wardrobe as well as teaching you how to maintain a healthy attitude around these items in general (for instance, eliminating clutter). Her tag line is, “Trade your full closet for a full life.”

09:34 Rules Debbie lives by to stay sober with shopping.
For instance, did you know that if you actually touch it or try it on, you are less likely to resist the urge to buy it?

15:22 How did she go from out of control spending to being able to actually follow her rules?
At marker 16:38, Debbie gives a fantastic tip to prevent impulse buying online.
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031: Decluttering Prevents Compulsive Spending, Debbie Roes Reviews Her Spending, & Inspirational Reading: 11/10 “Clutter”

In this Episode

Note: I mispronounced Debbie Roes last name. It’s pronounced “Roos,” and I discovered this when I interviewed her in episode 35. My apologies, Debbie!

00:00 Decluttering Prevents Compulsive Spending
I talk about how clutter can lead us to overspending and compulsive/impulsive spending.

takealookat-107:30 Debbie Roes Reviews Her Spending
The RecoveringShopaholic.com is a great website for those who want help specifically in the area of wardrobe and accessories. I talk about her recent article, “A Year Later: August – October 2015 Purchase Review,” in which she goes into exquisite detail about what she’s bought over the past year and lessons learned.

I’m going to begin doing this as well including other discretionary areas along with clothing. This practice is a great one for any compulsive spender who wants to gain clarity about purchasing choices.

Please note that there are images in her article, which may be triggering for some compulsive spenders. But, gratefully, she has no links to buy anything. I know Debbie and her heart is in the right place. She is sincerely trying to help her audience curb their compulsive shopping.

But be prepared to be a little breathless (as I was) for a moment or two at the sheer number of lovely items. Try to remember that this is an exercise in gaining clarity.

16:46 Inspiration from the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: November 10th: “Clutter”

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

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016: Interview with Lauren Greutman & July 29th Reading: Fear of Creditors

In this Episode:

[Note: This podcast is longer than usual, nearly an hour.]

00:00 Introduction to the Interview
Where I introduce my guest, Lauren Greutman, author of the upcoming book, “The Recovering Spender.” I talk about my trepidation regarding the interview, and explain why I decided to proceed.

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015: First Guest Next Week, Painful Art of Decision Making, Why Stuff Doesn’t Make Me Happy, & July 23rd Reading: Financial Choices

In this Episode:

01:38 Next week: my first guest!
OK, the truth is, I barely tell you anything because I don’t want to jinx it! 🙂 I’m looking forward to a lively discussion with the author of a new book about recovery from compulsive spending. She and I have some fundamental differences in our approach to recovery, so it should be an interesting conversation.

02:39 Offering One-on-One Help with Your Spending Plan
I talk about the new services I’m offering. Click here to read more about how I can help you with your spending plan or to set up your FREE 15 minute phone or Skype call with me.

5:40 The Painful Art of Decision Making
And why new stuff doesn’t make me happy. And how awful it was having money for some of my wants! Plus, I have come to a screeching halt in my KonMari process because I didn’t listen to what Marie Kondo says over and over again – DON’T worry about storage until you are FINISHED the decluttering process! That means don’t get more stuff either! I got completely derailed by going off on phase two before finishing phase one.
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012: KonMari’d Art Supplies! Yippee! & 6/24th Reading: “Just Say No”

In this Episode:

00:00 Well, first of all, I give you an update on my voice. 🙂

01:32 I explain why there will be no episode next week.

02:15 KonMari Update on Art Supplies and Stationery
It’s done! See the pictures below. I talk about the articles and videos that got me moving after days of feeling paralyzed. And I talk about how relevant this process is for compulsive spenders!
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010: Short Episode – Spending Plan Components, KonMari Papers Done, & 6/7 Reading, “Persistence, Not Perfection”

Today is a pretty short episode (about 15 minutes) because my voice is still on hiatus. 🙁 But I’m happy I could do another episode at all!

In this Episode:

01:16 A Brief Talk on Spending Plan Components

I promise, it’s short. But I keep hearing over and over that people are not clear on the four components of a functional spending plan. So I go over it again. The good news is that each time I talk about it, I get more concise.

04:26 KonMari Update

In this segment, I also tell you why this is challenging for a recovering compulsive spender.

The paper nightmare is finally over (well, almost – look at my desk below!) PAPER!!!!! But 99.99999% of my paper has been put into binders. It is truly amazing to behold.

Paper all over the place before KonMari (Click images to enlarge)

Paper now (Click images to enlarge)

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009: KonMari Tidying Up Caused a Brawl & 6/4 Reading -“Visions Cost Money to Fulfill”

In this Episode

00:00 I take you with me as I begin my KonMari tidying up journey and tell you why it led to a knock-down, drag out fight!

I’m usually late to the party, but I think I jumped on this train at the perfect moment (pardon the mixed metaphor). If you have no clue what I am talking about, then you need to listen to today’s podcast. 🙂 In this episode, I will also explain how decluttering (a.k.a. tidying up) is related to recovery from compulsive spending. Click here for links to books and other resources I mention.

Scroll down to see before and after pictures (including my adorable Cocker Spaniel Sidney)

I start off with an overview. Then move on to:
09:09 Clothes
15:27 Books
28:38 Paper

35:23 Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders
June 4: Visions Cost Money to Fulfill

Pictures of my KonMari process

Here are the before and after pictures (so far):
(For more dramatic effect, click to enlarge.)



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