047: Letting Go

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00:35 Letting GoThis episode is different from all the others because I need to pause production on the podcast for now. In this 16 minute episode, I begin by talking about the purpose of the “I Can’t Stop Spending!” podcast and how I got sober with money.

And I end today’s show with the remarkable poem I stumbled upon yesterday that was the catalyst for today’s episode.

04:20 How this Podcast Came to Be
I explain how a 40 year dream evolved into this podcast thanks to Cliff Ravenscraft!.

06:31 Why I Need to Pause Production on This Podcast
In this section, I discuss the practical reasons for the pause and talk about where I am thinking of going with my work. I also talk about integrity around anonymity and recovery work (DA’s Tradition 11), the slippery slope of monetizing service work, and overdoing service work to the point that it is a symptom of underearning.

10:20 Hundreds of Articles are Available on Recovery from Compulsive Spending at My Blog
In the meantime, my blog – Getting Out from Going Under – has hundreds of posts giving you practical instructions around all manner of topics, from spending plans to relationships to working the steps, and more, plus many other posts dealing with recovery from compulsive spending. I plan to continue writing posts for the blog. And I’ve got an idea that’s been rolling around in my mind for another book to help compulsive spenders. Plus, I’m writing on Medium.com (@moneysober) about more general topics.

11:53 Inspiration from Reverend Safire Rose
Instead of reading from the Getting Out from Going Under Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders, I’m going to end today’s episode by reading the astonishingly poignant and powerful poem I read yesterday that released me from my torment around letting go of the podcast for now. It’s called, “She Let Go” by Agape Minister, Rev. Safire Rose.
And here is my reading of the poem:

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021: “Don’t Think Twice” movie shows the truth about fame from both sides & Reading: June 23rd “What Does Fame Feel Like?”

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I scrap my planned podcast to talk about the best movie I have seen in a long, long time! “Don’t Think Twice” is a dark comedy that contains powerful and profound lessons about fame, friendship, and relationships. Warning: If you have ever yearned for fame, missed out on fame, or ever experienced fame, be sure to take a box of kleenex to the movie!

22:24 Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: June 23rd: “What Does Fame Feel Like”

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