004 – Libraries, Finding a Higher Power, Using the Spending Plan, & April 26th Reading

In this episode:

I discover how truly difficult it is to explain spending plans without visual aids! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

00:00 A brief plug for your local library

03:53 Finding a Higher Power
I talk about my search for finding a Higher Power and my struggles with feeling there is “someone” there. I also describe my recent run-in with a pit bull. Here are the books I reference:

(My new FAVORITE spiritual book! Next week, I’ll delve into it even more)
The Higher Power of the Twelve Step Program by Glenn A. Chesnut

Other books I mention:
Keeping the Faith without a Religion by Roger Housden
The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James
The Seeker’s Guide by Elizabeth Lesser
Thoughts on Solitude by Thomas Merton
Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality without Religion by Sam Harris

18:07 How to Begin Using a Spending Plan
19:12 Discussion of variable income
19:40 Discussion of bi-weekly income
25:36 Living in the Next Month (Buffer)
26:49 If You Can’t Live in the Next Month (i.e., you need to live paycheck to paycheck)
29:30 How to Be Sure It’s All Working
32:13 Recommendations on How Often to Reconcile

33:17 Reading from Getting Out from Going Under Daily Reader – April 26

Websites mentioned:

YNAB.com (You Need a Budget – spending plan software)
Blog – Getting Out from Going Under – a Guide to Recovery from Compulsive Spending and Debting
Chron.com – When Do I Get Extra Paychecks if I Get Paid Bi-Weekly?