011: Being Pressured to Spend on Your Dreams, Four Tips to Prevent it, & 6/17 Reading: Preference and Desire

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I have so much to share with you about my continuing KonMari decluttering journey – but just ran out of time to prepare the podcast for this week. I have some great resources that will really help compulsive spenders get willing to let go of old stuff and shift their perspective about bringing more stuff in.

2:54 Being Taken in When You Want to Believe

IfitlookstooI read and react to this excerpt from a get rich quick school’s playbook, sharing three examples in my own life of how I have allowed myself to be taken in (and taking responsibility for my part in it).

This is the script the sales rep is to follow when the potential student says they don’t like using credit cards and going into debt OR they just paid their credit cards off:
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