048: Letter to a Suffering Friend, Spending Plan Training, the Future, & Inspirational Reading 5/27 “The Enemy of Creativity”

As of the date of this post, there are still many people suffering the consequences of Hurricane Irma in Florida and Hurricane Harvey in Texas. We live in South Florida and were very lucky to get our power back quickly, and suffered minimal damage to our property. For us, life has returned to normal. But for so many others, it’s a continuing nightmare. I just wanted to send heartfelt wishes to those who are still struggling to recover soon.

Episode Summary

Well, I’m back. Since my last episode in February. I took a much needed break. My mind began to clear. And a few ideas emerged and began to take shape, which I’ll tell you about shortly.

In today’s episode, I’m going to:

  • Share a letter I wrote to a friend who is struggling with compulsive spending.
  • Tell you about my spending plan training programs.
  • Explain the new format for the “I Can’t Stop Spending!” website.


I’m so happy to be back walking the path of recovery with you!

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038: Paradoxical Reactions, Preparing for Next Year, & Inspirational Reading 12/25 “Benevolence”

Read the post for this podcast on our sister site: Getting Out from Going Under

In this Episode

1:03 Paradoxical Reactions
I talk about my experience with medication where I have the opposite reaction from what is intended, and explain why that is similar to how many of us react around the holiday. Then, I give a couple of suggestions about how to move past the possibly negative emotions we experience during this time of year.

08:57 Preparing for Next Year
I talk about how you can move out of the negative emotions that surround the holidays by preparing for next year. I give you a two-step process to follow. The first part is looking at your accomplishments from the year just past and setting some goals for the upcoming year.

But I give very specific instructions on the types of goals it’s best to set and why certain goals will just set you up for failure. Plus, I talk to you about the process of using a “God box” (make your own and call it whatever you’d like – “Higher Power box,” “HP box,” “Sacred box,” “Fred’s box,” you get the idea).

At time stamp 13:20, I talk specifically about what types of goals to set if you are a compulsive spender still in the throes of your addiction.

After listening, I’d love to hear about your accomplishments and goals. Just leave them in the Comments section of this episode (below)!

17:08 Inspiration from the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: December 25th: “Benevolence”

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast Episode

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035: Interview with Debbie Roes and Inspirational Reading 12/5 “Credit Cards”

In this Episode

changestartswithtaking00:48 Introduction to Debbie Roes, who is the founder of RecoveringShopaholic.com.

02:55 When and why Debbie created her blog.
RecoveringShopaholic.com deals specifically with compulsive spending around your wardrobe as well as teaching you how to maintain a healthy attitude around these items in general (for instance, eliminating clutter). Her tag line is, “Trade your full closet for a full life.”

09:34 Rules Debbie lives by to stay sober with shopping.
For instance, did you know that if you actually touch it or try it on, you are less likely to resist the urge to buy it?

15:22 How did she go from out of control spending to being able to actually follow her rules?
At marker 16:38, Debbie gives a fantastic tip to prevent impulse buying online.
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ICSS 000 – Prequel (Not Quite Episode 1)

This is really episode .5 – a prequel to the show. In this eight minute prequel:

1. I briefly tell you about the fantastic teacher who is training me to become a podcaster.
2. Give you a bit of background about myself.
3. Let you know what the podcast is … and is not … about.
4. Stumble around a bit getting my bearings.

I’m very excited to be embarking on this journey and look forward to spending time with you each week. Maybe not next week, but soon, I hope to be producing a weekly podcast.

I’d love to hear from you. There are two ways you can communicate with me:

1. If you have a microphone, click on the Send Voicemail button on the right side of every page.
2. Go to the Contact page and send me a message.