023: The Wells Fargo Bank Fraud & Reading: 9/12 “Humility with Numbers”

In this Episode

clarity100:00 The Wells Fargo Bank Fraud is Relevant to All Compulsive Spenders

I talk about this awful situation and why you MUST reconcile your bank account with your spending plan! And even if you don’t have a spending plan, why the least you need to do is check your accounts weekly. Plus, why I now advocate that you should ALWAYS open up mail from banks or credit card companies EVEN if it just looks like advertising or you are afraid it is a collection notice. (But if it’s an ad for a credit card – “recoil as from a hot flame” and shred it or burn it immediately! 🙂 )

21:47 Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: September 12th: “Humility with Numbers”

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ICSS 001 – Being Myself, a Talk about Religion, & Spending Plans

This is it! My official Episode One! Actually recorded it twice and scrapped the first version as being way too long-winded and winding down a long and boring trail.

In this episode: (time markers are approximate)

00:00 I remove the veil and become more transparent, despite trepidation. Also discuss more about my own recovery journey and how much debt I’ve repaid.

7:29 I, uh, talk about religion. Yep. It’s the elephant in the room when it comes to 12 Step recovery programs.

10:18 I sum up what I am and what I am not in explaining my purpose for this podcast.

11:00 FINALLY, I get to start talking about a subject near and dear to my heart: spending plans. But I only get to the first two key components. I talk a lot about why it’s not just enough to track spending and why a spending plan is an essential tool for recovery from compulsive spending.

26:30 I talk briefly about the spending plan software I use (YNAB) and mention a few other options for tracking your spending.

Note: Somewhere in the podcast, I mention my old blog: Getting Out from Going Under. The blog contains hundreds of posts about working a recovery program with lots of step-by-step instructions. (I will put any new posts on this website, but that site will remain as an archive containing lots of helpful material for those in recovery.)

ICSS 000 – Prequel (Not Quite Episode 1)

This is really episode .5 – a prequel to the show. In this eight minute prequel:

1. I briefly tell you about the fantastic teacher who is training me to become a podcaster.
2. Give you a bit of background about myself.
3. Let you know what the podcast is … and is not … about.
4. Stumble around a bit getting my bearings.

I’m very excited to be embarking on this journey and look forward to spending time with you each week. Maybe not next week, but soon, I hope to be producing a weekly podcast.

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