035: Interview with Debbie Roes and Inspirational Reading 12/5 “Credit Cards”

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changestartswithtaking00:48 Introduction to Debbie Roes, who is the founder of RecoveringShopaholic.com.

02:55 When and why Debbie created her blog.
RecoveringShopaholic.com deals specifically with compulsive spending around your wardrobe as well as teaching you how to maintain a healthy attitude around these items in general (for instance, eliminating clutter). Her tag line is, “Trade your full closet for a full life.”

09:34 Rules Debbie lives by to stay sober with shopping.
For instance, did you know that if you actually touch it or try it on, you are less likely to resist the urge to buy it?

15:22 How did she go from out of control spending to being able to actually follow her rules?
At marker 16:38, Debbie gives a fantastic tip to prevent impulse buying online.
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