053: The Birth of Fearless Budgeting & Inspirational Reading “Gift Giving”

In today’s episode, I’m going to:

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Tracking Cash Spending in YNAB Part 2 Training Video

(See below for embedded video.) Here is a link to a new training video I just uploaded to help YNAB users.

(Sign up here to get 34 days free to test YNAB.)

This is the second video on tracking cash in YNAB. This video focuses on tracking spending cash in YNAB plus reconciling the cash account.

In the previous video (part one), I talk at length about receiving cash. But both videos contain demonstrations of how to do split transactions.

028: Tips to Prevent Compulsive Spending Part 2 & Inspirational Reading: 10/16 “When Things Go Wrong”

In this Episode

stopbinge200:00 More Tips to Prevent Compulsive Spending – Part 2
I’m continuing to give you more ideas to keep you from starting that compulsive spending cycle. We want to cut it off at the beginning – for a food addict, it’s the first bite, for an alcoholic, the first drink, for us, it’s the first purchase. We want stop whatever leads us to the cascade of destructive behavior that, in the end, triggers a compulsive spending binge.

These danger zones can include buying out of fear, panic, and guilt as well as desire. So this is where we can begin to change, by prevention. Remember, you won’t have a compulsive spending binge if you don’t make the first purchase.

15:51 Inspiration from the Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders: October 16th: “When Things Go Wrong”

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

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019: The “Secret” Formula & Reading August 19th: “Boredom”

In this Episode:

00:00 The “Secret Formula” for Creating a Foundation for Your Spending Plan
I give you the step-by-step secret 🙂 formula that will enable you to experience the same relief “Rita” did (see picture, above). If you follow these steps, you will move out of paralysis and fear around the spending plan process … and you will have a foundational document that can form the basis of your spending plan.

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017: Post Interview Thoughts, Lending Money, Painful (Inconvenient) Honesty, Online Group, & Reading 7/31: “Sisterly/Brotherly Love”

In this Episode:

00:00 The Podcast is Now on YouTube
Just to let you know, I’m starting to post some episodes on YouTube. What’s cool about it is that if you click on the time stamp, you can go right to that section. Still just the audio, but this way, if you get bored, you can just move right on to the next section! Click here to go to my YouTube channel.

02:42 Thoughts about my conversation with Lauren Greutman

Feedback from a listener shifted my perspective!

25:26 Lending Money
Thoughts on lending money when you are a compulsive spender, underearner, and/or debtor.

29:38 Painful (Inconvenient) Honesty
A story about my bottom line.
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016: Interview with Lauren Greutman & July 29th Reading: Fear of Creditors

In this Episode:

[Note: This podcast is longer than usual, nearly an hour.]

00:00 Introduction to the Interview
Where I introduce my guest, Lauren Greutman, author of the upcoming book, “The Recovering Spender.” I talk about my trepidation regarding the interview, and explain why I decided to proceed.

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010: Short Episode – Spending Plan Components, KonMari Papers Done, & 6/7 Reading, “Persistence, Not Perfection”

Today is a pretty short episode (about 15 minutes) because my voice is still on hiatus. 🙁 But I’m happy I could do another episode at all!

In this Episode:

01:16 A Brief Talk on Spending Plan Components

I promise, it’s short. But I keep hearing over and over that people are not clear on the four components of a functional spending plan. So I go over it again. The good news is that each time I talk about it, I get more concise.

04:26 KonMari Update

In this segment, I also tell you why this is challenging for a recovering compulsive spender.

The paper nightmare is finally over (well, almost – look at my desk below!) PAPER!!!!! But 99.99999% of my paper has been put into binders. It is truly amazing to behold.

Paper all over the place before KonMari (Click images to enlarge)

Paper now (Click images to enlarge)

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004 – Libraries, Finding a Higher Power, Using the Spending Plan, & April 26th Reading

In this episode:

I discover how truly difficult it is to explain spending plans without visual aids! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

00:00 A brief plug for your local library

03:53 Finding a Higher Power
I talk about my search for finding a Higher Power and my struggles with feeling there is “someone” there. I also describe my recent run-in with a pit bull. Here are the books I reference:

(My new FAVORITE spiritual book! Next week, I’ll delve into it even more)
The Higher Power of the Twelve Step Program by Glenn A. Chesnut

Other books I mention:
Keeping the Faith without a Religion by Roger Housden
The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James
The Seeker’s Guide by Elizabeth Lesser
Thoughts on Solitude by Thomas Merton
Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality without Religion by Sam Harris

18:07 How to Begin Using a Spending Plan
19:12 Discussion of variable income
19:40 Discussion of bi-weekly income
25:36 Living in the Next Month (Buffer)
26:49 If You Can’t Live in the Next Month (i.e., you need to live paycheck to paycheck)
29:30 How to Be Sure It’s All Working
32:13 Recommendations on How Often to Reconcile

33:17 Reading from Getting Out from Going Under Daily Reader – April 26

Websites mentioned:

YNAB.com (You Need a Budget – spending plan software)
Blog – Getting Out from Going Under – a Guide to Recovery from Compulsive Spending and Debting
Chron.com – When Do I Get Extra Paychecks if I Get Paid Bi-Weekly?

ICSS 003 – Cash Accounting, Why I Disagree with Dave Ramsey, & Inspirational Reading

In this episode:

00:00 Segment: Handling Cash in Your Spending Plan
I talk about handling cash, which seems to confuse people when they first start working with a spending plan. The key is to think of cash as its own account and track cash transactions separately from your checking account. (See diagram below.)

13:27 Segment: “They Don’t Get it.”
Today, I talk about Dave Ramsey’s misguided take on compulsive spenders and why I vehemently disagree with him (to put it mildly). Here are links that I reference:
Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Online
Dave’s blog post on excessive spending
Dave Ramsey’s video call with the wife of a compulsive spender:

34:35 Segment: Inspirational Reading
April 18 from Getting Out from Going Under Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders

Diagram: Handling Cash

It’s hard to talk about accounting for cash in a spending plan without a visual demonstration to go along with it. So here it is:


ICSS 001 – Being Myself, a Talk about Religion, & Spending Plans

This is it! My official Episode One! Actually recorded it twice and scrapped the first version as being way too long-winded and winding down a long and boring trail.

In this episode: (time markers are approximate)

00:00 I remove the veil and become more transparent, despite trepidation. Also discuss more about my own recovery journey and how much debt I’ve repaid.

7:29 I, uh, talk about religion. Yep. It’s the elephant in the room when it comes to 12 Step recovery programs.

10:18 I sum up what I am and what I am not in explaining my purpose for this podcast.

11:00 FINALLY, I get to start talking about a subject near and dear to my heart: spending plans. But I only get to the first two key components. I talk a lot about why it’s not just enough to track spending and why a spending plan is an essential tool for recovery from compulsive spending.

26:30 I talk briefly about the spending plan software I use (YNAB) and mention a few other options for tracking your spending.

Note: Somewhere in the podcast, I mention my old blog: Getting Out from Going Under. The blog contains hundreds of posts about working a recovery program with lots of step-by-step instructions. (I will put any new posts on this website, but that site will remain as an archive containing lots of helpful material for those in recovery.)